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Horse Portrait Tutorial by Dyun
Horse Portrait Tutorial
I don't know how helpful this is to anyone, but a tutorial of this drawing was requested by someone, so I put this together. I'm terrible at explaining how I do stuff. Maybe next time a step-by-step video would be better. :shrug: 
Portrait of a Black Horse by Dyun
Portrait of a Black Horse
Corel Painter just released their 2015 version so I had to try it out. The pencils really impressed me for how realistically I was able to shade. Felt like I was drawing on paper with pencils just like the real thing. Looks like this version is worth the upgrade. This drawing took me about three days or so.

Reference image used can be found here:…  I took some liberties with it so it's not an exact copy.
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Hello to all! Wishing you a terribly belated Happy New Year!!! Happy New Year 2011  I hope 2014 brings you everything you've hoped for. :) 

I'm slowly trying to get back to being a regular on DA again. Thank you to those who continue to keep in touch with me here despite my occasional disappearing act. :D I've been lurking, but haven't been uploading or commenting much. Work will do that to you I suppose. 
Last year I was heavily into photography as I was trying to recover from my artist block and I spent a lot of time on Flickr. I still do, since like DA, it also has a great community of helpful, active and talented people. 

I've done the unimaginable and I've sold my best camera ( Waaaah! ) so that I could purchase a Wacom Cintiq Companion ( :happybounce:  :squee:  Boogie!  Dance! ). (That's not to say that I'm not scheming to save up for another one ASAP! EVIL Laughter!  ) It took me a lot of thinking back and forth on what to do, but I felt like maybe it's time to get back into drawing on a regular basis again. I knew the tablet wasn't going to cost any less even in two or three years time and I knew that prices for my camera would drop sooner, so I figured I'd sell it while it was still valuable and use the money to buy the Wacom tablet PC. 

Whether by coincidence or fate, Wacom released their awesome new and portable drawing tablet just when I felt I needed it most. I have been dreaming of them making something like this for years and then when the announcement came, I nearly jumped out of my skin with happiness. :D One of my issues always has been that I didn't want to be chained to a desk or have to have a large laptop and tablet on my lap as I draw. It took my laptop a long time to start up which didn't help matters. My inspiration is so fickle lately that even a moment of delay will make it disappear in a second. I needed something I could quickly pick up, turn on and start drawing. 

Well,.... the Cintiq Companion certainly delivers in that department! It's light enough to use just as one might use a sketchbook and it literally takes less than 5 seconds to start up thanks to a solid state drive. The pen is very precise and very pressure-sensitive. It will not miss a beat. The monitor is color-calibrated and very high resolution which makes everything look great. Combined with ArtRage 4,.... just WOW. It makes you wish everyone could see your work on that screen. The best part? You get to draw directly on the screen! It is so incredibly close to drawing and painting traditionally. It's like I'm getting back to my roots, but without all the drawbacks of creating traditional art. No sharpening pencils, buying paint, getting high off the fumes, messing up my clothes and carpet, eraser shavings all over the place, etc. It's just pure fun and no mess! I would highly recommend this tablet to anyone who is serious enough about their digital (or even traditional) art and has the money for one. It really is worth it. Technically it could replace your current laptop since (basically) it IS a laptop + drawing tablet in a single unit.      

Needless to say, it has breathed new life into my creativity. It actually makes painting and drawing fun again! Maybe some of you have noticed the three new pieces I uploaded recently. I have more in the process, but these are the three I actually managed to finish. Expect more new things from me. :) I won't be uploading my photos here anymore. The DA community doesn't really seem to care about photography all that much and they look better on flickr anyway. I'm almost tempted to delete them from my gallery. 

So,.... I hope everyone is doing well, thank you for reading and commenting on my work and I'll see you around! :) I'm very happy to be back. :love: I love deviantART!     


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